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STREAK Preview - August 2017

ESPN Streak – Preview August 2017

The purpose of this article is to let you know about some of the events that will occur this month and how ESPN Streak has dealt with those events in the past. Also included is a review of last year’s contests and a chart that shows counts by Sport and Year.

This will hopefully give you a flavor the month. If you spot an event that’s not listed or any other issue with this article please use the Support/Contact Us link above to let us know.

Highlighted Events

  • SOCCER: After a steady dose of MLS and friendlies, the European leagues kick off their schedules this month.
  • NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE: The preseason kicks off on August 3rd with the annual Pro Football Hall of Fame Game. The last four seasons have seen an average of more than 50 props on the board for NFL Preseason games.
  • NCAA FOOTBALL: The season opens up with the first Division 1 game on August 26th. There may be some lower division games prior to that date.
  • US OPEN (TENNIS): The tournament begins on August 28th and continues into September. Don’t expect a lot of straight up props till later in the tournament.
  • KONTINENTAL HOCKEY LEAGUE: It’s hard to think of hockey this time of year, but the KHL season does kick off in August, though we usually don’t see any props on the board till September.
  • PGA CHAMPIONSHIP (GOLF): The final golf major of the year will be played from August 10th to August 13th at Quail Hollow in Charlotte, North Carolina. Expect a lot of props from this event.
  • ATHLETICS: The World Championships will be held from August 4th to August 13th. Based on number of props on the board earlier in the year, we can hope that trend continues for this event.

Winning Streaks

The August 2016 contest was one of the most exciting ever with three players have a W25 (or better) on the last day with all losing those streaks and a W27 taking the month.

August 2015 wasn’t decided until the last day when the second place finisher lost their W28. The winner at W29 had ended the month on an L2 and had essentially given away the tiebreak, but got away with it.

Monthly Wins

The contest in August 2016 came down to the last prop and was decided by winning percentage after both leaders made the same pick on the last prop of the month. The winner only got two wins on the last day, while the chaser got four wins, but both ended up with a remarkable total of 166 wins. There was some controversy in that the second place finisher seemed to be affiliated (i.e. girlfriend) with a multiple time winner.

It took 128 wins to take the prize by three wins in August 2015.

Sport Prop Counts - By Year

The following chart will give you a sense of the sports that will be presented this month.

W Vol100000001
M Vol100000001

As with almost all tables on our website, click on a column header to sort.

Article Published: August 31, 2017