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STREAK Preview - March 2019

ESPN Streak – Preview March 2019

The purpose of this article is to let you know about some of the events that will occur this month and how ESPN Streak has dealt with those events in the past. Also included is a review of last year’s contests and a chart that shows counts by Sport and Year.

This will hopefully give you a flavor the month. If you spot an event that’s not listed or any other issue with this article please use the Support/Contact Us link above to let us know.

Highlighted Events

  • NCAA COLLEGE BASKETBALL: The regular season will wrap up early in the month and we’ll get a bunch of conference tournament games. We usually get a prop from Selection Sunday, which is on March 17th this year. The tournament will start with the First Four games on March 19-20. By the end of the month they’ll only be fout teams left, with the final four games the first weekend of April. The prior information pertains to the men’s tournament, but we also get a lot of action from the Women’s side of things also.
  • CHAMPIONS LEAGUE: The eight second leg games from the Round of 16 are scheduled between March 5th and March 13th. You can expect to see lots of these games on the board.
  • MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL: Baseball spring training is this month, but there are historical very few games on the board.
  • AUTO RACING: Both Formula 1 (3/17) and Indy Cars (3/10) start their schedules this month. These sports appear more often later in their seasons, but occasionally the first races do show up on the board.
  • OTHERS: Expect to see the first NCAA Lacrosse action, some NCAA Hockey playoffs and the start of the MLS Soccer season.

Winning Streaks

2018: On the last day of the month a Bayern 6-0 win allowed the ultimate winner to extend their perfect month to 29-0. They’d lose the perfect record later in the day by picking Los Angeles FC W/D. The big active streaks left picked the same prop, so the month was over.

2017: It took the longest streak in the history of the game (W46) to win this month. That streak broke the high mark of W45 that was set just the year before. It was still competitive late in the month, with the second place finisher losing their W43 on the 30th. It’s also worth noting that the winner was a perfect 46-0.

2016: The trend of lots of long streaks continued in March with 17 streaks of W35 or higher all beat (or tied) the previous long streak mark. It ultimately took a W45 to win the month and a W28 just to make the final Top 100 leaderboard. The runner-up will have to live with their streak being stopped on a Cricket prop.

2015: The longest streak in March 2015 was a W27, which fell one short of the prior year’s March record of W28.

Monthly Wins

2018: It took 167 wins to take the title this month. The winner notched five greens on the last day, while the second place player only notched three greens. This was the third title for chitowncity12. It had been four years since he’d won back to back titles in 2014.

2017: This month’s winner had 157 wins and went 4-2 on the last day to seal a three win margin.

2016: With lots of upsets the last couple of days of the month everyone limped to the finish. The winner captured the prize via a one win margin, by getting two wins on the final day, while the runner-up (with the tiebreaker) only managed one win.

2015 Preview: The all time record of 154 wins was almost reached, but the March 2015 winner only managed to go 3-4 on the final day to fall short by one. It didn’t matter as the month was a runaway with a winning margin of eight wins, which also fell one short of the all time record of nine.

Sport Prop Counts - By Year

The following chart will give you a sense of the sports that will be presented this month.


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Article Published: January 1, 2019