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 As Of: March 3, 2017

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Frequently Asked Questions (SFTC)

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Q: You provide results for blogs on your scoreboard page. Why don't you provide their recommendations to us prior to a prop starting?
A: Running a blog that recommends picks requires a significant time commitment on their part. Those sites rely on advertising revenues, so you need to visit their site so that they keep doing what they do. We do provide links to the sites to make it easy for you.
Q: When viewing the SFTC page I always pick Full Game props with odds. Why can't you save my default settings for me, so I don't have to click these every time?
A: We could do that and likely will do that in the future. We're not sure which technology to use on this, as it will depend on the number of site users we have.
Q: Why don't you provide recommendations like the blogs that are out there?
A: After playing these games for a few years, we've realized that we're not all that much better at picking than most players. A long streak is build using a combination of solid research and luck. We can't control the luck, so we've focused on the research side. We will at some point have a "Computer Recommend's" facility which simply applies algorithms to the data we provide and makes a "best pick".
Q: How did you decide on the Prop Types that are tracked in the system?
A: After loading all props into a database, an analysis was done to try to limit the number of categories so that it would be manageable and so that statistical patterns could be identified. When there are lots of props that are similar, we tend to lump them together and call it "related". We'll continue to evaluate our groups and change them as it seems appropriate.
Q: There was a prop, where the information for the wrong team was provided on your site.
A: We've tried to automate wherever possible, thus someone doesn't check every bit of data in the system. A new variation on a team name or a typo on a prop can cause us problems. If you can let us know using the "Contact" option at the top of the screen we'll correct it quickly.
Q: Why do you show weather for a game that is played in a dome?
A: We'll eventually identify all facilities as covered or not, but for now we'll default by sport.
Q: Why are there two tweets every time SM adds a prop on Streak For The Cash?
A: When a prop is added, data must be gathered to create the page for that prop. For some sports we already have the data, for others a series of events are triggered. That can take a few minutes, thus in order to notify you as soon as possible we generate a tweet with an ESPN link first, and then follow up with our link. We can also pause the process, so that if we realize some data must be entered manually, such as a special prop time entry or new twitter handle, we can do that before the second tweet is sent.