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As of: 5:31 PM on 06/04/20


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Streak Quick Pick - Jun 04, 2020

Win Loss Props

Sport Time L PRB PCK% Favorite Opponent MON M(O) SPR S(O) A LINK
eSports 10:48A R 81.7Probability Information
Now: 81.7
Open: 78.1
Movement: -3.6
97.4 TeamVitality sAw -625 -455   ⇛Link
eSports 02:50P R 66.3Probability Information
Now: 66.3
Open: 55.6
Movement: -10.7
98.1 Fnatic Dignitas -238 -141   ⇛Link
Baseball 05:30A H 65.5Probability Information
Now: 65.5
Open: 62.1
Movement: -3.4
97.9 KiaTigers LotteGiants -222 -185   ⇛Link
Soccer 04:15P R 61.7Probability Information
Now: 61.7
Open: 61.4
Movement: -0.3
93.5 SportingLisbon Guimaraes +183 +186 0.0 0.0   ⇛Link
Soccer 05:00P R 54.3Probability Information
Now: 54.3
Open: 48.3
Movement: -6.0
22.9 Grecia LimonFC -141 -109 -0.5 -0.5   ⇛Link
Soccer 09:00P H 52.8Probability Information
Now: 52.8
Open: 53.0
Movement: +0.2
77.7 Guadalupe Alajuelense +258 +257 +0.5 +0.5   ⇛Link
Baseball 07:03P H 50.0Probability Information
Now: 50.0
98.8 CsbiLiberty CsbiUnity   ⇛Link

Other Props

Sport Time L PRB PCK% Favorite Opponent TYPE OCC L50 L10 SPR MON A LINK
Soccer 01:00P R 61.5 93.4 Vitoria Set...Full Choice Description
Vitoria Setubal or Neither Score
Maritimo First Goal Scored...Full Prop Type
First Goal Scored By Team
96 56.0 70.0 0, +0.5 +321   ⇛Link
Horse 07:00P R 60.5 55.1 Streusel or...Full Choice Description
Streusel or Keepinmypromise
Any Other H...Full Choice Description
Any Other Horse
Horse(s) vs Field 324 70.0 80.0  YStatus Alert
At least one of the two listed/named horses must race or this prop will be scored a PUSH.
Soccer 02:15P H 52.7 81.1 @ Benfica: ...Full Choice Description
@ Benfica: Win by 2+ Goals
Tondela: Wi...Full Choice Description
Tondela: Win, Draw or Lose by 1
Winner With Goa...Full Prop Type
Winner With Goal Spread
2014 50.0 60.0 -2.0 -625   ⇛Link
Rugby 05:50A H 42.9 71.2 Any Other R...Full Choice Description
Any Other Result
Sydney Roos...Full Choice Description
Sydney Roosters: Win by 10+ Points
Win or Loss Prop ...Full Prop Type
Win or Loss Prop Specific Result
28 42.9 50.0 -13.0 -400   ⇛Link

"Win Loss Props" and "Props With Spreads" probabilities are based on either Money Lines or estimated based on Point Spreads. As a reminder, Vegas favorites are not a lock and upsets are what makes sports worth watching. Click on the Link to see the matchup and compare statistics, records and recent results before picking.

"Other Props" probability is based solely on the success of players picking that Prop Type in the past. By default, the pick made by the Sheep is assumed to be the favorite. If you use this as one factor in your analysis, you will do better than the player who simply picks based on pick popularity.